Residential Repairs Using the Penetron System

Shrinkage Cracks

Despite the structure below being very well maintained with adequate grading the basement concrete foundation wall separated (cracked), likely due to concrete shrinkage and ground settlement thereby allowing ground soil water to enter. This crack traveled from the concrete floor slab up to the bottom corner of the basement window.  Shrinkage cracks can usually be detected from the outside as seen below at the centre


Below are photographs of other shrinkage cracks in poured concrete foundation walls. The Penetron System was utilized to remediate the ground soil water infiltration problem in each case.


Tie Pin Holes

Metal rods also known as "tie pins" are used to hold forms together during the construction of poured concrete foundation walls when the concrete is being poured.  Occasionally these tie pin holes leak.  The tie pin holes and adjacent areas in the photographs below have been treated with the PENETRON waterproofing system.


Cold Storage Rooms

Below standing rain water pooled on these porches and leaked into the cold storage rooms of the basements through the weeping holes between the brick and the through holes in the damaged poly flashing behind the bricks. The PENETRON waterproofing system solved this problem from the outside:


Damaged Flashing

Below damaged poly flashing can be seen that allowed wind driven rain to pass through the weeping holes of a brick wall.  The mortar appears to have protruded through the ploy flashing resulting in water running down the concrete foundation wall onto the concrete floor slab. 


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